Where Does CBD Come From?

Where Does CBD Come From?
22 November, 2019

CBD is one of 100+ cannabinoids found in both hemp and marijuana. However, due to THC being a controlled substance all CBD in the UK will be extracted from the hemp plant. This is because the hemp plant has significantly lower amounts of THC, ours for example is below 0.2% (the legal limit), whereas marijuana can have upwards of a 20% THC content.


How is CBD oil made?


The main three CBD extraction methods are CO2, olive oil and solvent.


CO2 Extraction (our preferred method)

This is the most expensive but the most beneficial as it consistently produces high quality CBD. It’s one of the safest methods and leaves behind no toxic residue.


This method is achieved by using a “closed-loop extractor” meaning there is nothing added, taken away or touched throughout the whole process. There are 3 chambers the first contains pressurised, solid C02 or dry ice; the second chamber has dried hemp flowers and the final chamber separates the final product.


CO2 is pumped into the second chamber running through the hemp flowers extracting cannabinoids like CBD. It’s then pumped into the final chamber where the CO2 rises to the top and the hemp flower extract remains at the bottom isolated from the CO2.


Olive Oil Extraction

This is the oldest method, many CBD lovers praise this method as it’s safe, cheap and easy to do.


To start you decarboxylate (heat up) the hemp flower for a certain amount of time to activate the plants chemicals/cannabinoids. Then it is added to olive oil and heated again, this is when the cannabinoids are extracted. Cannabinoids are fat soluble and absorbed by the oil, once this process has finished the oil is strained. This method doesn’t give you a high concentration so you will have to use more per dose. 


Solvent Extraction

This method involves the use of ethanol, butane, propane, isopropyl or alcohol to extract the CBD. It’s one of the most dangerous methods as you are using very flammable products but is also fast and easy IF you know how.


To start this process the hemp flowers are put into a container. The solvent is then run through the flowers stripping it of the cannabinoids, the product is then collected. Now evaporate the solvents, this is done by heating the product to leave you with the hemp flower extract.

This method can leave behind harmful chemicals so we would advise you to stay away from and CBD which has been made via this method.

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