Travelling with CBD

Travelling with CBD
4 July, 2019

Can I take my CBD on holiday? 

If only this was a simple yes or no answer! Unfortunately, as CBD has only recently hit the spotlight there isn’t a blanket rule to make things a whole lot less stressful.


Here are our top tips to ensure you’re compliant:





-       Does your airline allow CBD? Some airlines allow CBD others don’t, so make sure you get in touch with and ask the question.

-       Make sure you have packaged it correctly. The last thing you want to do is be 100% confident you can take your CBD with you only for it to be taken off you at the security check. 100ml bottles MAX!

-       Get in touch with the airport to ensure CBD is legal in the country you’re travelling to and is safe to fly with. Although it may be legal here there’s a chance it won’t be in other countries where it may be confiscated and even fined in some countries.

One of our customers was kind enough to share his chat with Birmingham Airport we advise taking the same steps (see below):


bhx_official: Hi Phil, how can we help?

Phil: Hi, my father is travelling from BHX to Spain on Monday, would he be able to take a 20ml CBD oil food supplement with him that contains 0.02% THC? I believe the limit is 0.05%

bhx_official: Yes, your Father is permitted to carry this through with him. As long as the bottle dosen't exceed 100ml this will be fine.
Phil: To be clear, the reason I'm asking is due to the fact the CBD contains THC, albeit a small amount, which is the active ingredient in Cannabis. Will this definitely not be an issue when passing through security? 

bhx_official: Your father is permitted to take the CBD oil through, this has been cross-checked by our Security Team.

Phil: That's great thank you. Could you possibly give me the name of someone he could ask for should he have any issues?

bhx_official: CBD oils are not prohibited items, the Security Staff are trained on what items are allowed through. As long as the CBD oil is less than 100ml this will be fine to carry through.

Thanks to Phil for sharing this with us! 

It can be a stressful topic not knowing whether you can take your CBD away with you or not, we hope this blog has helped take that stress off your shoulders.

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Matt P

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